J.u.s.t. Our Thrift Store
​​​THANK-YOU for visiting our website.  ​WE ARE NOT  fully functional at this time and not accepting orders.  Feel free to "window shop" for now.  Our goal is to have our on-line Thrift Store open for business by 1 April 2018.  Thank-you again and we look forward to doing business with you!  Have a blessed day!

Clothes and Jewerly

Kitchen and Glassware

Furniture and Home Deco

Music and Electronics

Toys and Games

Tools and Garden

We have a wide variety of products for sale.  Some new, some old, some used and some that will fall under the category of "WTF" meaning "What's This For?"  That may be your question and my answer will be IDK "I don't know", lol.  To make your shopping experience quick, feel free to search for whatever it is that you may think we might be selling and I hope you find at Just Our Thrift Store.com, your weekend yard sale experience...on-line!  It is what it is!