J.u.s.t. Our Thrift Store
Jesus uses small things (JUST) and He uses people like you and I to be a blessing to those in need.  JUST Our Thrift Store is owned and operator by Tony & Irene White, Pastors of All Out For God Ministry in San Antonio, TX.   Their goal is to be the hands, eyes, and feet of Jesus in the local community or wherever the Lord Jesus will have them go.

Given the opportunity to receive donations over the past couple of years, Pastors Tony and Irene use to donate these items to other charitable organizations. Now God has put on their hearts to set up store (on-line) to sell these goods to raise money to help those in need in anyway possible!   
They have helped many people over the years with clothes, food, housing, gas, rent, transportation, applicances, and good old fashion encouragement through the word of God (The Holy Bible).  Their hearts go out to people in need and they do something about it!  They talk the talk and walk the walk.
Pastor Tony White is originally from Chicago, IL.  He left Chicago when he joined the Air Force straight out of high school in 1981.  He served the country honorably for 24 years, retiring from the Air Force in March 2005 at the rank of Senior Master Sergeant.  

Tony accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior as a teenager and has always had a compassion for people and doing the right thing. Throughout the years Pastor Tony had been a member of several churches and denominations, to include the Salvation Army, an organization known for helping the less fortunate in the community.   In 1999, then Deacon Tony, was Ordained as a Licensed Minister while serving as an Assistant Pastor at March Air Base Community Church.
Pastor Irene White (Taylor) is originally from Washington, DC. She accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior as a young adult.   Pastor Irene served faithfully with the churches that she attended.  She was a youth leader, Greeter, Usher, and helped wherever there was a need.  Her passion is for our young people who need love, guidance, and a helping hand as they grow into their young adult years.  In 2009, Pastor Irene was Ordained as a Licensed Minister in San Antonio, TX.